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Steve Matson's Moving Paintings

Annette Ridenour's Appearances

AIA Health Facilities Planning Seminar
Amway Grand Plaza Hotel
Grand Rapids, MI
March 26-27, 2015

Memorial Health Care System Foundation - 14th Annual Cam Busch Endowed Arts for Health Lecture Series
Chattanooga, TN
April 23, 2015



Transforming the Healthcare Experience through the Arts  
Integrated Design Saves Lives

Transforming the Healthcare Experience through the Arts
Annette Ridenour takes you inside the process of transforming the healthcare experience through the arts, wth compelling human stories, research, evidence-based design, and pragmatic advice.
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Welcome to Aesthetics, Inc.

Aesthetics, Inc. is a design firm in San Diego, California, that transforms built environments and creates healing experiences with regional arts programs, donor recognition programs, interpretive displays and interior architectural design.

In partnership with clients, we create unique indoor and outdoor spaces that inspire the human spirit, promote health and wellness, and respect human dignity.

We assist organizations in creating beautiful, cohesive displays, including donor recognition displays, history displays and value displays, that reflect their unique culture and aspirations.

Welcome to the Aesthetics site. We invite you to look around, enjoy – and contact us with any questions.


art that supports the healing process



Art created with a Healing Intention
Annette Ridenour was recently interviewed for the web blog
Art That Supports The Healing Process. In the interview, Annette shares some of her personal experiences with art that is created with a healing intention, and the mechanism of the healing effect.

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steve matson moving paintings



Patient-centered Design transforms hospital spaces
Psychology Today explores "
A Forest of Design Ideas From Planetree" in this article about how patient-centered design transforms hospital spaces and features a wonderful description of Steve Matson's Moving Paintings

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St Paul News Video



"Jaw Dropping" Rooftop Healing Garden
Aesthetics' design of the Rooftop Garden at St. Paul Children's Hospital in Minnesota was featured on local TV Station WCCO 4 Minnesota's morning show.
It is an honor to contribute to the local community with a project that exemplifies our commitment to healing environments.

Watch the Rooftop Garden video...


Introducing the Teleidescope
Aesthetics designed and commissioned a "Teleidescope" to commemorate Dr. Allan Goldbloom's retirement at Children's Hospital of Minnesota. Combining the wonder of a kaleidoscope with the viewing ability of a telescope, the Teleidescope is a delightful new device that enchants adults and children alike.

View the Teleidescope...


Naj in Berlin


Aesthetics welcome Naj Wikoff
Aesthetics welcomes Naj Wikoff to the team. Naj will be representing Aesthetics on the East Coast, and brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to our activities.

More information on Naj Wikoff...


Day at the Beach - Steve Matson



The Healing Power of Moving Paintings
Aesthetics is excited to announce a collaboration with revolutionary artist Steve Matson, whose Moving Paintings create a multidimensional visual experience combining fine art with Hollywood visual effects.

The ever-changing Moving Paintings have the power to not only entertain and mesmerize the viewer, but enhance their physical, emotional and mental state. As such, they fit perfectly with Aesthetics' mission to bring the healing power of the arts to healthcare.

Experience Steve Matson's Moving Paintings...

For pricing information, please contact the Moving Paintings Department at Aesthetics, Inc. via email:


Annette Ridenour



2014 Generative Space Award
The St. Joseph Mercy Oakland South Tower was awarded the 2014 Generative Space Award to recognize it as A Place to Flourish ®.  The Tower was designed by HKS Architects, with Generative Space Consulting by Annette Ridenour.  This award was presented to Annette at the Healthcare Facilities Symposium and Expo in Chicago, IL 30 September 2014.

Annette was also awarded the Generative Space Fellow Award by Wayne Ruga, CEO of the Caritas Project for her work in promoting Generative Space. She is the second person to receive this prestigious award.


Click to view Santa Rosa Historical Display


The La Jolla Institute for Allergy and Immunology
Located in the entrance to of The La Jolla Institute for Allergy and
Immunology, this display recognizes both donors and the board of directors. Imagery panels with enlarged cells and text defining each disease highlights the research being done at the facility. All panels are suspended on the wall with mounted cables and the design compliments the colors and finishes of the building interior.



Rooftop Healing Garden designed by Aesthetics Inc.
Children’s Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota recently opened its new 6,000-square-foot healing garden at its St. Paul campus. Designed by Aesthetics Inc. (San Diego), the Children’s Hospital Association (CHA) Storyland Garden provides a space of respite, activity, and socialization for patients, families, and visitors.
Read more about Children’s Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota's Healing Garden

Scripps Encinitas Donor Exhibit


Scripps Memorial Hospital Encinitas
As part of a recent expansion, Aesthetics created a custom interior site-specific donor recognition system for the new Leichtag Foundation Critical Care Pavilion at Scripps Memorial Hospital Encinitas.

In keeping with a coastal beach city feel of Encinitas, CA, the color palate and subtle etched detail of a starfish evoke the comforting feeling of sand and water.

Additonally, custom recognition along the promenade approaching the new pavilion has been coordinated in shades of blue to continue with the ocean them.


Case Study: St. Joseph Mercy Oakland Hospital
St. Joseph Mercy Oakland in Pontiac Michigan is preparing for the future with a multi-media healing arts program its new eight-story South Patient Tower.
See the St. Joseph Mercy Oakland Hospital Arts Program Case study



Aesthetics unveils model of ideal Health Care Facility.
Aesthetics unveiled a model of an ideal Health Care Facility that supports the Mind, Body and Spirit of patient, family and staff at the Healthcare Facilities Symposium & Expo in Chicago, Il, Booth #727


Click to view Santa Rosa Historical Display


Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital Historical Display
Aesthetics created a historical display celebrating a legacy of healing at Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital. The display consists of a custom wallcovering mural with historical photographs of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Orange and the hospital. Display panels and dimensional letters are incorporated along the corridor highlighting milestones throughout the years including the early beginnings in France through the facility’s Jubilee Celebration.


Aesthetics Audio releases Serenity Listening Systems
The Serenity Listening System® is the  latest introduction by Aesthetic Audio Systems in their successful ambient audio programs.  Designed to create individual or group serenity zones in waiting rooms, organizations can now easily offer the serenity experience of designed  harmonic music for its patients, visitors and customers with this ‘stand alone’ system.
Read more about the The Serenity Listening System® 



Case Study- Children’s Hospital and Clinics of Minnesota
Aesthetics, Inc. has been involved in healing arts program, then supporting the interior design, marketing, donor recognition and wayfinding systems at Children’s Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota for three years.
Read more about the Children’s Hospital and Clinics of Minnesota project



Aesthetics, Inc., wins the top international award for “Use of Art in the Patient Environment” at the 8th World Congress of the International Academy for Design & Health in Kuala Lumpur
On the first of July, Aesthetics, Inc. of San Diego received the top international award for “Use of Art in the Patient Environment” at the 8th World Congress of the International Academy for Design & Health in Kuala Lumpur for its Arts & Healing and Urban Renewal program, designed for Children’s Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota (Children’s). At the Congress, researchers and practitioners from around the world and across multiple disciplines gathered to discuss how to reshape global excellence in designing healthy environments.
Read more about the award Aesthetics won

Bridgeway to Healing  

Color, Light and Sound on a Bridgeway to Healing for Children
Experiencing the color and sound along the sky bridge brings smiles, opportunities for music-making and even a little dancing to everyone, from the CEO to Children’s Hospital patients, nurses, security guards and staff.

For more information on the Bridgeway to Healing, click here.

Cottage Health System - Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital
Cottage Health System uses its healing arts program to promote an environment that inspires and comforts patients, visitors and staff.
Cottage Health System’s new Santa Barbara hospital’s Healing Arts Program focuses on the beauty of California’s Central Coast through the inspiration, talent, and expertise of Central Coast artists, in support of the program’s mission, goals and objectives.

The art themes vary by floor: the first floor features Santa Barbara architecture; the second floor highlights water, ocean, beaches and seascapes; and the third floor shows flora, gardens and landscapes. Installation was completed in January 2012.

For a closer view of the Arts Program in Santa Barbara, click here.

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